14.03.2019 | Uddannelse

Nyt kursus om citizen science

Udbydes ved Center for Videnskabsstudier i samarbejde med ScienceAtHome, efterårssemestret 2019

14.03.2019 | Udgivelse

Brad Wray publishes "Discarded Theories: The role of changing interests"

Synthese, vol. 196, issue 2 (February 2019)

14.03.2019 | Udgivelse

Kristian H. Nielsen publishes "1947-1952: UNESCO’s Division for Science & Its Popularization"

Public Understanding of Science, vol. 28, issue 2 (February 2019)

22.02.2019 | Udgivelse

Matthias Heymann publishes "Investigating environmental coherence: Concepts for the study of society-environment relations"

Nature and human: An intricate mutuality, edited by Gert Melville & Carlos Rafael Ruta, Berlin: De Gruyter (2019), 137-149

11.02.2019 | Nyhedstype

Samuel Schindler’s symposium at BSPS 2019 Annual Conference

Samuel Schindler’s symposium proposal "Thought experiments: philosophy of science meets meta-philosophy" has been accepted to the BSPS 2019 Annual Conference at Durham 17-19 July 2019.

Kommende arrangementer

ons 27 mar
14:15-15:45 | 1531-211
CSS kollokvium: Sharon Crasnow, London School of Economics
Counterfactual Narratives and Causal Mechanisms in Political Science
ons 10 apr
14:15-15:45 | Koll D (1531-211)
CSS kollokvium: Jakob Dam Mønsted, CSS, Aarhus Universitet
Process reductionism – reverse engineering a process ontology for biology
ons 24 apr
14:15-15:45 | Koll D (1531-211)
CSS kollokvium: Isabel Zilhão, University of Lisbon
Communicating science to Portuguese young people at the turn of the twentieth century
ons 08 maj
14:15-15:45 | Koll D (1531-211)
CSS kollokvium: Andreas Christiansen & Bjørn Gunnar Hallsson, Københavns Universitet


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