The aim of the Centre for Science Studies is to do:

  • Research in the fields of history and philosophy of science and technology, science and society, and science communication
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate teaching across research areas
  • Research-based development of education and communication activities
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2016.02.23 | Publication

Article in History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education. Proceedings of the Seventh European Summer University

Kristian Danielsen and Henrik Kragh Sørensen publish "Formal proof and exploratory experimentation: A Lakatosian view on the interplay between examples and deductive proof practices in upper-secondary school" (with M. Misfeldt) and "Using authentic sources in teaching logistic growth: A narrative design perspective"

2016.01.12 | Conference

3rd meeting of the Danish Network in Philosophy of Science

3rd annual meeting in the Danish Network for Philosophy of Science February 5 (10 am) – February 6 2015 (3.30 pm) at Nyborg Strand Participation is free for teachers and researchers in philosophy of science employed in higher education (universities and university colleges). Others can apply for participation. Invited…

2016.01.11 | Publication

Article in History and Technology

Nils Randlev Hundebøl and Kristian H. Nielsen publish their article: "Preparing for change: acid rain, climate change, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), 1972–1990s"

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Wed 11 May
10:15-11:45 | Koll G (1532-214)
CSS colloquium: Michela Massimi, University of Edinburgh
Nineteenth century optics and three tales of success-to-truth inferences
Wed 18 May
14:15-15:45 | Koll G (1532-214)
CSS colloquium: Richard Dawid, Stockholm University
String theory and the scientific method

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