The aim of the Centre for Science Studies is to do:

  • Research in the fields of history and philosophy of science and technology, science and society, and science communication
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate teaching across research areas
  • Research-based development of education and communication activities
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2016.07.26 | Publication

New article in European Journal for Philosophy of Science

Samuel Schindler publishes "Theoretical fertility McMullin-style".

2016.07.26 | Publication

New paper from 14th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference

Kristian H. Nielsen's "“Too obvious today”?: Revisiting the web model of science communication" is available online.

2016.06.23 | Publication

New article in Mathematical Cultures: The London Meetings 2012–2014 (Birkhäuser, 2016)

Henrik Kragh Sørensen publishes "'The End of Proof'? The integration of different mathematical cultures as experimental mathematics comes of age".

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