The Centre for Science Studies was founded 1965 by Ole Knudsen (under the name of the "Institute for the Exact Sciences" as part of the Department of Physics). Since 2014 it is part of the Department of Mathematics.

The Centre offers a Master's degree in Science Studies and teaches mandatory philosophy of science courses to undergraduate students at the Science and Technology Faculty.

The Centre's research is in the philosophy of science, science communication, and the history of science and technology. 

Philosophy of science:

  • Social epistemology, esp. scientific authorship, collaboration, and publication,
  • The philosophy of Thomas S. Kuhn,
  • History and Philosophy of Science, especially theoretical virtues and novelty in theory choice, theory-ladenness and rationality,
  • Scientific explanation,
  • Metaphilosophy: intuitions as evidence, the historical case study approach.  

 Science Communication

  • public understanding of science
  • science in society
  • Historical studies of popular science through studies of the art-science interface and to studies of contemporary science communication.

 History of Science

  • 19th and 20th centuries with a focus on the physical sciences, especially, physics, chemistry, astronomy and atmospheric, climate and environmental sciences
  • history of science and energy
  • environmental technologies in the history of technology. 


The Centre also publishes Research Publications in Science Studies (RePoSS).