Wed 24 Feb
14:15-15:45 | Aud. D4 (1531-219)
CSS colloquium: Christian Joas, University of Munich
From “Quiet Corner” to “Major Crossroad:” Quantum Many-Body Physics in the 1950s
Wed 10 Feb
14:15-15:45 | Aud. D4 (1531-219)
CSS colloquium: Yoran Jørgen Balslev, Tel Aviv University
Climatic aspects in the first city plan of Tel-Aviv (1925)
Wed 03 Feb
14:15-16:00 | Aud. D1 (1531-113)
CSS colloquium: Josette Jacobs, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Philosophy of Science for non-philosophers
Fri 29 Jan
11:15-15:00 | Aud. D1 (1531-113)
Master's Exam
Bircan Aykurt: Surveying Nanoscientists’ Communication Activities And Online Behavior
Wed 02 Dec
14:15-15:45 | Koll. G (1532-214)
CSS colloquium: Deepak Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University
S&T and the Development Discourse in Twentieth Century India
Wed 25 Nov
14:15-15:30 | Koll. G (1532-214)
CSS colloquium: Jacob Busch, Aarhus University
The fertility based argument for mathematical realism: a barren effort
Thu 19 Nov
14:00-19:00 | Auditorium D2 and the Steno Museum
Science studies' 50th anniversary
We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Department for the History of the Exact Sciences (now Centre for Science Studies)
Wed 11 Nov
14:15-15:45 | 1532-214
CSS colloquium: Eran Tal, University of Cambridge
The Shifting Economies of Measurement Uncertainty
Wed 28 Oct
14:15-15:45 | Koll. G (1532-314)
CSS colloquium: Sunayana Maiti, University of Calcutta
Science as an Instrument of Empire: Development of Scientific and Industrial Research around the Second World War in British India
Wed 14 Oct
14:15-15:45 | 1532-314
CSS colloquium: Mikkel Willum Johansen
What mathematicians do - investigating the mathematical practice with empirical methods

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