2017.03.14 | Publication

New article in Arctic Environmental Modernities (Palgrave, 2017)

Kristian H. Nielsen publishes "Cod Society: The Technopolitics of Modern Greenland"

2017.01.29 | Knowledge exchange

The Exploring Greenland project receives extensive coverage on and ScienceNordic

"Denmark’s Cold War struggle for scientific control of Greenland"

2017.01.29 | Knowledge exchange

Matthias Heymann interviewed for Climate News Network

"Cold war spurred Arctic climate research"

2017.01.29 | Centre for Science Studies

New Scientist article about Sujeevan Sivasundaram's Master Thesis at CSS

"Physicists can’t agree on what the quantum world looks like"

2016.11.11 | Publication

New article in Manifestationen im Entwurf: Design – Architektur – Ingenieurwesen (Transcript Verlag, 2016)

Matthias Heymann publishes "'Künstler' oder Wissenschaftler oder beides: Was ist der Konstrukteur?"

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