Olaf Pedersen became sidely known in public as part of the expert panel of the popular TV quiz show, Ask Aarhus (Spørg Århus). The picture shows from left to right: Søren Sørensen, Robert Bech, Jens Kruuse, H.P. Clausen, Kjeld Ladefoged, Olaf Pedersen, Knud Hannestad and Tina Wilhelmsen.

2015.07.23 | Centre for Science Studies

50th anniversary for Centre for Science Studies

The Department for the History of the Eaxct Sciences were established 50 years ago

2015.06.23 | Grant

Samuel Schindler receives DFF Sapere Aude Starting Grant

Samuel Schindler receives one of only 20 DFF Sapere Aude Starting Grants this year. The project "Intuitions in Science and Philosophy" will run for four years and will employ two postdocs and a PhD student.

2015.05.21 | Workshop

Stories about Curious George

Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen will present a paper about Curious George and popular science for the symposium, Stories about science: exploring science communication and entertainment media

2014.09.23 | Conference

CSS contributions on interdisciplinarity and on the scientific method at PSA and HSS 2014

Hanne Andersen, Henrik Kragh Sørensen, Samuel Schindler, and Kristian H. Nielsen will be contributing to the biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) and the annual meeting of the History of Science Society (HSS), co-located in Chicago, 5-9 November 2014

2014.08.25 | Conference

CSS researchers at ESHS 2014

Matthias Heymann, Janet Martin-Nielsen, Nils Randlev Hundebøl, and Kristian H. Nielsen are all contributing to the 6th International Conference of European Society for the History of Science, 4-6 September, Lisbon.

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