CSS Colloquium: Lasse Blond, IT-university in Copenhagen

Making sense of unstable technologies in practice

2018.09.19 | Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Date Wed 21 Nov
Time 14:15 15:45
Location Koll G4 (1532-222)


My fieldwork explores the transfer and adaptation of the South Korean robot Silbot into Nordic elderly care. It highlights the difficulty of adapting technologies in practice and problematises our understanding of routinization. Using Silbot has never been routine to point that it has not been open to new uses and modification. After seven years of testing in Denmark Silbot still seems more a process than an entity, continuously co-constructed in situ and an object that is not what is was made to be, but what is has become. How can science studies account for such unstable artefacts? I suggest a new way of comprehending the appropriation of technologies - as a reciprocal exchange where technology shapes culture but is likewise culturally shaped by its users. It emphasizes technological artefacts as material elements in emergent sociotechnical practices.


Lasse Blond is a postdoc at the IT University in Copenhagen. He recently handed in his thesis “Dances with Social Robots - Understanding social robots in practice” at Aarhus University to be defended in the autumn of 2018. He is affiliated with the TiP (Technologies in Practice) Research Group at ITU, the “Future Technology, Culture and Learning” Research Program at DPU, Aarhus University, the Danish Association of Science and Technology Studies and formerly, the STS Centre at Aarhus University. His research topics include Science and Technology Studies, Technology Transfer, Social Robotics and Automation.

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