The department issues an electronic preprint series RePoSS that publishes preprints, manuscripts of talks, student works (e.g. Masters theses) etc. within science studies.

The preprint series Hosta published preprints, manuscripts etc within history of science.

A list of dissertations and theses written by students at the department can be found through the menu to the left.

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Journal article

  • Hundebøl, N. R., Nielsen, K. H., 28.12.2015, "Preparing for change", History and TechnologyJournal article
  • Britz, T., Cavenagh, N. J., Sørensen, H. K., 30.3.2015, "Maximal partial Latin cubes", The Electronic Journal of CombinatoricsJournal article
  • Nielsen, K. H., Balling, G., Hope, T., Nakamura, M., 2015, "Sipping Science", East Asian Science, Technology and SocietyJournal article