Research areas

History of science and technology

Research in history of science and technology covers the 19th and 20th centuries with a focus on the physical sciences, that is, physics, chemistry, astronomy and atmospheric, climate and environmental sciences in the history of science and energy and environmental technologies in the history of technology.


History of mathematics

CSS specializes on mathematics since the 17th century and on the cognitive and contextual aspects of pure and applied mathematics in the 19th and 20th century and includes such issues as the effects of regional contexts on the practice of mathematics, the transformations in analysis, geometry and algebra during the long 19th century, and the impact of new methods of proof on mathematics of the late 20th century.


Science Communication

Science communication and related fields such as Public Understanding of Science and Science in Society are recent additions to the research portfolio of the Centre for Science Studies. Research within science communication includes many different topics: from historical studies of popular science through studies of the art-science interface and to studies of contemporary science communication.

Philosophy of science

The department’s research in philosophy of science covers philosophy of science and ethics broadly, but has a special focus on philosophy of science in practice and on integrated history and philosophy of science.