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Skånhøj 12, Fuglsø, 8420 Knebel (previously known as: Elskildhøj 13, 8420 Knebel)

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Use of Studiehuset for studying, teaching or research – info

Renting the house for other purposes

Studiehuset is available for vacation use most weekends and during the main holiday periods. It may also be possible to arrange a vacation outside these times – please check availability on calendar.

Prices (from 1 April 2011)

National holidays and peak holiday seasons: 400 DKK per day.

Other times: 650 DKK per weekend (from 16.00 on Friday until 24.00 on Sunday).

Weekdays: 250 DKK per day.

National holidays and peak holiday seasons: Easter week (including the Monday following Easter day). General Prayer Day (Bededagsferien), Ascension day (Kristi Himmelfartsferien), Whitsun (Pinseferien), the summer holiday season (sommerferien) from mid June until the end of August (weeks 25-34) and the autumn holiday (week 42) (efterårsferien).

Rental rates are all exclusive of electricity. Electricity is charged at a rate of 3 DKK per kWh. Visitors are asked to note the usage details from the electricity metre on arrival and departure and provide figures for total usage when paying for their stay.

Students at the department of Science Studies are given a 33% discount on the normal rate for the period of their stay.



Check the calendar to see if the house is available for the requested period of time – Calender

To book the house, contact Randi Mosegaard or Keld Nielsen.

Definition of a day: Unless otherwise agreed, a day starts and ends at 12 noon.

Confirmation: A booking is not valid until a confirmation email has been received.

Cancellation: If you need to cancel a booking less than three weeks prior to your stay and there are no further bookings for the whole, or parts of the period, of your proposed visit you are liable to cover 50% of the rent for those days the house remains empty.

Summer Holidays: If you wish to rent the house for a week during the summer holidays (weeks 25-34), an email must be sent to the chairman of the board, Keld Nielsen, no later than 1 April. In the case of double bookings lots will be drawn. You will receive the answer no later than 15 April. Unless otherwise agreed, a summer holiday week will start and end Saturday at noon.



Payment of rent after a stay can be made electronically - or in person at a bank or post office to - account number: 1551 420 042 1197. The number of nights stayed and electricity used (in kWh) should be put in the space for the receiver. (NB: Please note the last digits on the electricity meter – not the decimal numbers).


Check list: all visitors should check the list during their stay in Studiehuset.