Philosophy of Contemporary Science in Practice

You can meet us at

HSS 2012

San Diego, 15-18 November 2012

Sara Green will give a presentation.

Past events

ISHPSSB Off-Year Workshop

Seattle, 16-17 August 2012

Sara Green gave the talk "Engineering approaches in systems biology".

EPSA 2011, Athens

Hanne Andersen, Sara Green and Susann Wagenknecht gave a presentation.

The Third Biennial SPSP Conference

Exeter, UK, 22-24 June 2011

Sara Green and Susann Wagenknecht gave a presentation.

Bridging Disciplines

Ulm, June 23-26, 2011

Hanne Andersen gave a presentation.

Philosophy of interdisciplinarity: metaphysical and epistemological aspects

Lund, October 11-13, 2010

Hanne Andersen gave the talk "The Second Essential Tension"

Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society

Montreal, November 4-7, 2010

Hanne Andersen participated in the planary session "The Challenges and Opportunities of Interdisciplinary Teaching".

Lunch Seminars of the STMC network, Aarhus University

Susann Wagenknecht presented her work on scientific research as a collaborative endeavour on November 18, 12-1.

Points of Contact between the Philosophy of Physics and the Philosophy of Biology: Probability, Laws and Natural Kinds

London School of Economics, London, UK, December 13-14, 2010

Hanne Andersen and Sara Green gave commentaries