Philosophy of Contemporary Science in Practice

Research Publications

Andersen, H. (2010): Joint acceptance and scientific change: a case study, Episteme 7(3): 248-265


Outreach Publications

Andersen, H. (2010): Videnskabsindikatorer og videnskabshistorie, i C. Emmeche & J. Faye (red.): Hvad er forskning? Normer, videnskab og samfund, København: Samfundslitteratur, s. 197-217.

Outreach Talks

Risk, Advice, and Implicit Normativity - Rovigo, 25th january 2010. Hanne Andersen. CIGA Centre for Environmental Law Decisions and Corporate Ethical Certification.

Public Debate

Andersen, H. (2010): Statisticians and historians should help improve metrics, in Nature 464:1264