Philosophy of Contemporary Science in Practice

Our Team

Hanne Andersen is the principle investigator on the project. She holds a degree in physics and comparative literature from the University of Copenhagen (1992) and a PhD in philosophy of science from Roskilde University (1998) Her main research interest is the development of science, including the development of scientific concepts and theories, the emergence of new research areas, and the relation between different research fields.

Currently, Hanne is working primarily on interdisciplinarity. The aim of her current work is to develop an account of the cognitive processes through which interdisciplinary scientific knowledge is produced, shared and transmitted needs to include both analyses of how theories originally belonging to different realms of science combine to address common or overlapping problems or phenomena, and analyses of how scientists working with different theories interact and arrive at jointly accepted results. Read more about this research here.

Susann Wagenknecht started as a PhD student April 2010. She is working with an empirical approach to Social Epistemology.

Sara Green started as a PhD student August 2010. She is working on questions in philosophy of biology.

Brian Hepburn, a PostDoc, arrived in May 2011.

Mads Paludan Goddiksen joined the team as a PhD student in June 2011. He is analyzing explanations in nanoscience.

Becoming a member: International PostDocs interested in applying for funding for joining us should be aware of the current call for applications for Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships.