06.06.2018 | Referater

Samuel Schindler will present paper at the PSA 2018 in Seattle

Samuel Schindler's paper "Constructive theories and explanation by necessity" has been accepted on the programme of the biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association in Seattle. 

29.05.2018 | Udgivelse

Brad Wray publishes post on Oxford University Press Blog

"Thomas Kuhn and the T. S. Kuhn Archives at MIT"

29.05.2018 | Udgivelse

Kristian H. Nielsen publishes paper in BJHS Themes

"Ideas, politics and practices of integrated science teaching in the global Cold War"

26.04.2018 | Seminar

Science, culture and identity 1700-1900

Seminar at the Research Unit for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, AU

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