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2021.05.28 | Publication

New paper by Brad Wray: "Feyerabend’s Theoretical Pluralism"

In Karim Bschir and Jamie Shaw (eds.), Interpreting Feyerabend: Critical Essays, Cambridge University Press 2021, pp. 72-88

2021.05.21 | Events

Webinar on Science in Contemporary Greenland-USA Relations, May 28 @ 4 pm (CEST) (recording)

Panel: Ronald Doel (Florida State University), Kristine Harper (University of Copenhagen), Mark Nuttall (University of Alberta), and Kristian H. Nielsen (Aarhus University)

2021.05.12 | Lecture / talk

Jessica Carter will give a talk on The Philosophy of Mathematics as Practiced

OCIE Seminar in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, Friday May 14 @ 10.12 am (PST)

2021.05.06 | Publication

Brad Wray's reflections on method in the philosophy of science

3:16, Richard Marshall's Philosophy Interviews after 3:AM