2017.08.21 | Workshop

The philosophy and history of evidence-based policy

Workshop, Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, 29 Sept. 2017 @ 9 am - 4 pm

2017.08.20 | Lecture / talk

China Enchanted: The Late Enlightenment Invention of "Eastern Wisdom"

Lecture by Alexander Statman (Global Intellectual History Graduate School, Berlin), organized by the HPST research group in the Arts Faculty, 5 Sept. @ 2.30-4.00 pm, room 1467-316

2017.08.14 | Publication

New RePoSS publication

Carsten Sønderskov Jørgensen: Christian Horrebow's sun observations (in Danish, resume in English)

Upcoming events

Wed 27 Sep
14:15-15:45 |
CSS Colloquium: Sherrilyn Roush, Kings College London
The Epistemic Superiority of Experiment to Simulation
Wed 25 Oct
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus University
Linguistic Intuitions, Evidence, and Expertise
Workshop, October 25-27
Wed 25 Oct
14:15-15:45 |
CSS Colloquium: Martin Weiβ, German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven
"Don’t Mention the War": German Research Vessels and the Cold War
Wed 22 Nov
14:15-15:45 |
CSS Colloquium: Mike Stuart, London School of Economics
A Different Use for Scientific Thought Experiments
Wed 06 Dec
14:15-15:45 |
CSS Colloquium: Stathis Psillos, University of Athens

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