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Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj


Head of Department

Primary affiliation

Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj

Areas of expertise

  • Relativity
  • (Quantum) electrodynamics
  • Phenomena in strong fields
  • Antiparticles
  • Radiation emission processes

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I have mainly performed experiments on strong field effects - e.g. radiation emission in fields of strengths comparable to those on the surface of magnetars, i.e. highly magnetized neutron stars - primarily carried out at the european laboratory for particle physics, CERN.

Teaching activities

I have taught many of the basic subjects within physics, as well as a few advanced courses. For the past several years, I have been in charge of the department's teaching in special relativity, for which I have written a textbook (in Danish).


Job responsibilities

I am employed as department head from July 1. 2018 until January 31. 2025 after which I as a starting point will return to my professorship in experimental relativistic atomic physics.

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Selected activities

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