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Why choose Science Studies?

Do you want to strenghten the relationship between science, technology and society?

Then courses in science studies may be your thing. You will learn about many new perspectives on the world of research and innovation. If you think science is all about the laboratory, you have another thing coming for you in science studies.

Science studies means studying the relationship between science, technology and society, but also learning about the history and philsophy of science, and ways in which to communicate science and engineering to different audiences using different media.

Added competences offered by science studies

If you take courses in science studies, you will gain new competences supplementing your science and engineering profile. You will be able to place new result and new innovations in broader perspective, and you will learn a lot about the social and philosophical dimension to scientific practice and creativity.

Your added competences will provide new opportunities in jobs such as:

  • Research and development in the business community and in public administration
  • Communication of science in the media and informal learning activities
  • Consultancy for private and public institutions
  • Administration and policy-making relating to science and innovation
  • Teaching at secondary level