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The Centre for Science Studies has teaching competences in the following areas: 

  • Science and society
  • Science communication
  • Philosophy of Science
  • History of science and technology
  • Technology, environment and culture
  • History of Mathematics

The Centre offers courses both at the Bachelor's and at the Master's level. The courses at the Bachelor level are philosophy of science courses catered to the particular natural science and mathematics.

The courses offered by the Centre are open to all students from the Faculty of Science and Technology (and qualified students from other faculties). At the Centre, you also have the option to do individual project work, your bachelor project and Master's thesis, even if you are not enrolled into our MSc program.

The Centre has an intimate study environment, where students benefit from an international, yet informal, down-to-earth atmosphere between staff and students. As an MSc student, you will have excellent opportunities for engaging in projects related to current research and/or practical content, and you will have the option to specialise in many different subjects.

Check out the video on the Master's degree in Science Studies below: