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Academic staff

Permanent staff members

  • Jessica Carter, associate professor: philosophy of mathematical practice, structuralism in mathematics, visual thinking in mathematics, the philosophy of mathematics of C.S. Peirce
  • Kenneth Bradley Wray, associate professor: the social epistemology of science, especially scientific authorship, collaboration, and publication; the philosophy of Thomas Kuhn; and scientific anti-realism
  • Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, associate professor and head of center: science communication, history of popular science, history of scientific fieldwork and expeditions
  • Matthias Heymann, professor: history of atmospheric and climate science, energy technologies, engineering sciences, environmental history
  • Mette Ebbesen, part-time lecturer: ethics of emerging technologies in biomedicine, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and bioengineering, qualitative studies
  • Rune Nyrup, ethics of artificial intelligence, general philosophy of science.
  • Samuel Schindler, associate professor and head of teaching: explanation, theoretical virtues in theory choice, theory-ladenness, rationality, the historical case study approach, realism debate

Emeriti/former staff members

  • Henry Nielsen, emeritus associate professor: history of nuclear energy technologies, technology and art
  • Keld Nielsen, emeritus associate professor
  • Kurt Møller Petersen, emeritus associate professor: history of astronomy, history of optics

Temporary staff members

Non-staff associated with the centre

Guest researchers

Former staff members

  • Hanne Andersen, professor, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen:  interdisciplinarity, scientific change, emergence of new research areas, cognitive studies of science, social epistemology
  • Helge Kragh, professor emeritus, Niels Bohr Archive, University of Copenhagen: early quantum atomic models; history of the periodic system; contemporary speculative cosmologies; northern light research
  • Henrik Kragh Sørensen, professor with special responsibilities, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
  • Kirsti Andersen
  • Henk J.M. Bos
  • Ole Knudsen
  • Olaf Pedersen