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MSc in Science Studies

MSc in Science Studies

The MSc in Science Studies is open to students with a BSc degree in science. It is of particular interest to science students who want to gain a wider perspective on how the natural sciences have developed in interaction with society and contemporary culture.

As a student in science studies, you will learn to understand the social and philosophical implications of science, the forces driving technological change, and contemporary developments within research and public understanding of science.

Knowledge of the development of science and the ability to analyse science in a cultural and societal context can be useful in many different situations.

For example, graduates may choose to work with communicating science and its challenges and opportunities to the general public through the media. Their knowledge of the interaction between the natural sciences, technology and society can be applied in public administration, the business community and in many different organisations. With a BSc degree in science and the broad perspective provided by the MSc in Science Studies, graduates are well prepared to enter into multidisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in many different fields. The MSc programme also qualifies graduates for a research career in science studies.

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