RePoSS: Research Publications on Science Studies

RePoSS: Research Publications on Science Studies is an electronic preprint series issued by the Center for Science Studies, University of Aarhus. It has been given the ISSN 1903-413X.

RePoSS publishes preprints, manuscripts of talks, student works (e.g. Masters theses) etc. that contribute to the field of Science Studies as understood by the research group.

Manuscripts are evaluated and processed by the editor of the preprint series, associate professor Henrik Kragh Sørensen.

The files can be rather large, so we recommend the use of the browser's "save link as"-functionality.

RePoSS-1 (2008-7): Marco N. Pedersen: Wasan: Die japanische Mathematik der Tokugawa Ära (1600-1868) (Masters thesis, 9.2MB).
RePoSS-2 (2004-8): Simon Olling Rebsdorf: The Father, the Son, and the Stars: Bengt Strömgren and the History of Danish Twentieth Century Astronomy (PhD dissertation, 21.5MB).
RePoSS-3 (2009-9): Henrik Kragh Sørensen: For hele Norges skyld: Et causeri om Abel og Darwin (Talk, 812kB).
RePoSS-4 (2009-11): Helge Kragh: Conservation and controversy: Ludvig Colding and the imperishability of "forces" (Talk, 1.3MB).
RePoSS-5 (2009-11): Helge Kragh: Subatomic Determinism and Causal Models of Radioactive Decay, 1903-1923 (Book chapter, 1007kB).
RePoSS-6 (2009-12): Helge Kragh: Nogle idéhistoriske dimensioner i de fysiske videnskaber (Book chapter, 1.0MB).
RePoSS-7 (2010-4): Helge Kragh: The Road to the Anthropic Principle (Article, 1.5MB).
RePoSS-8 (2010-5): Kristian Peder Moesgaard: Mean Motions in the Almagest out of Eclipses (Article, 2.0MB).
RePoSS-9 (2010-7): Helge Kragh: The Early Reception of Bohr's Atomic Theory (1913-1915): A Preliminary Investigation (Article, 1.6MB).
RePoSS-10 (2010-10): Helge Kragh: Before Bohr: Theories of atomic structure 1850-1913 (Article, 1.7MB).
RePoSS-11 (2010-10): Henrik Kragh Sørensen: The Mathematics of Niels Henrik Abel: Continuation and New Approaches in Mathematics During the 1820s (PhD dissertation, 4.5MB).
RePoSS-12 (2009-2): Laura Søvsø Thomasen: In Midstream: Literary Structures in Nineteenth-Century Scientific Writings (Masters thesis, 3.4MB).
RePoSS-13 (2011-1): Kristian Danielsen and Laura Søvsø Thomasen (eds.): Fra laboratoriet til det store lærred (Preprint, 1.7MB). Including contributions by Kristian Danielsen, Laura Søvsø Thomasen and Henrik Kragh Sørensen.
RePoSS-14 (2011-2): Helge Kragh: Quantenspringerei: Schrödinger vs. Bohr (Talk, 1.4MB).
RePoSS-15 (2011-7): Helge Kragh: Conventions and the Order of Nature: Some Historical Perspectives (Talk, 1.6MB).
RePoSS-16 (2011-8): Kristian Peder Moesgaard: Lunar Eclipse Astronomy (Article, 1.1MB).
RePoSS-17 (2011-12): Helge Kragh: The Periodic Table in a National Context: Denmark, 1880-1923 (Book chapter, 2.0MB).
RePoSS-18 (2012-1): Henrik Kragh Sørensen: Making philosophy of science relevant for science students (Talk, 1.1MB).
RePoSS-19 (2012-8): Helge Kragh: Newtonianism in the Scandinavian Countries, 1690-1790 (Book chapter, 966kB).
RePoSS-20 (2012-9): Helge Kragh: Har Naturvidenskaben en Fremtid? (Book chapter, 1.6MB).
RePoSS-21 (2013-6): Helge Kragh: Empty space or ethereal plenum? Early ideas from Aristotle to Einstein (Article, 1.5MB).
RePoSS-22 (2014-7): Helge Kragh: Jørgen From (1605-1651): Et Billede fra Dansk Astronomi- og Lærdomshistorie (Article, 1.5MB).
RePoSS-23 (2014-8): Nils Randlev Hundebøl: Big ambitions and supercomputing: A case of industry engagement in climate modeling (Preprint, 710kB).
RePoSS-24 (2014-8): Julie Louise Hørberg Kristensen: Jagten på en god oplevelse i zoologisk have (Masters thesis, 31.9MB).
RePoSS-25 (2014-9): Allan Lyngs Kjærgaard: Offentlig støtte til forskning og udvikling i industrien fra 1940'erne til 1990'erne (Masters thesis, 1.7MB).
RePoSS-26 (2014-10): Julie Nørgaard Hostrup: Når discipliner mødes: Et casestudie af faglig integration i nanoforskning (Masters thesis, 2.7MB).
RePoSS-27 (2014-10): Kristian Danielsen, Morten Misfeldt and Henrik Kragh Sørensen: Picks Sætning: Inspiration til undervisning om eksperimenterende udforskning i matematik med et videnskabsteoretisk sigte (Preprint, 2.8MB).
RePoSS-28 (2014-11): Mads Goddiksen: Philosophical Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Science Education: An Introduction (Book chapter, 1.5MB).
RePoSS-29 (2014-12): Hanne Andersen: Responsible Conduct of Research: Why and How (Preprint, 755kB).
RePoSS-30 (2014-12): Hanne Andersen: Responsible Conduct of Research: Collaboration (Preprint, 707kB).
RePoSS-31 (2014-12): Mads Ingersgaard Jørgensen: Evolution, kognition og religion: Religiøse idéer i evolutionært og kognitivt perspektiv (Masters thesis, 1.1MB).
RePoSS-32 (2015-10): Mie Johannesen: Studieretningsprojekter i matematik og historie: Kvalitative og kvantitative undersøgelser samt en konstruktiv matematikhistorisk tilgang til gode samspil (Masters thesis, 3.9MB).
RePoSS-33 (2015-10): Carina Tangsgaard: Samarbejde i bioinformatik: Et casestudie i hvordan man overvinder kløften mellem subdisciplinerne (Masters thesis, 1.2MB).
RePoSS-34 (2016-2): Sarah Kassem Kaltoft: Sciencecentre & sundhedsfremme: En empirisk undersøgelse af, hvordan projektet PULS, et samarbejde mellem Experimentarium og Steno Center for Sundhedsfremme, kan motivere folk til at være fysisk aktive (Masters thesis, 12.2MB).
RePoSS-35 (2016-2): Kristian H. Nielsen: The practice and politics of integrated science teaching in the global Cold War (Preprint, 774kB).
RePoSS-36 (2016-2): Jeanette Gedsø: Women's limited role in science conditioned by historical and cultural factors -- with a focus on Marie Curie and her career in natural science (Bachelor project, 1.2MB).
RePoSS-37 (2016-2): Bircan Aykurt: Surveying nanoscientists' communication activities and online behavior (Masters thesis, 2.4MB).
RePoSS-38 (2016-4): Henrik Kragh Sørensen: Kildecentreret matematikhistorie i praksis: En kort indføring i matematikhistorisk metode (Preprint, 1.6MB).
RePoSS-39 (2016-11): Sujeevan Sivasundaram: Interpreting Quantum Mechanics (Masters thesis, 2.5MB).
RePoSS-40 (2017-2): Kurt Møller Pedersen: The Velocity of Light and the color Changes of Jupiter's Satellites (Article, 24.6MB).
RePoSS-41 (2017-7): Carsten Sønderskov Jørgensen: Christian Horrebows observationer af Solen: En analyse af hans observationsprotokoller og artikler med henblik på en forståelse af de anvendte metoder (Masters thesis, 15.1MB).
RePoSS-42 (2018-3): Louise Kobek Thorsen: Kratluskernes kognitive praksis: En udvikling af miljøbevægelser i 1980'ernes Danmark (Masters thesis, 3.3MB).
RePoSS-43 (2018-3): Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Line Edslev Andersen: Mapping Social Aspects of Mathematical Knowledge Production (Book chapter, 817kB).
RePoSS-44 (2018-8): Marcus Lee Naldal: Textbooks and Knowledge Infrastructures of Copenhagen chemistry, c. 1820-1850 (Masters thesis, 2.2MB).