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Check List


  • note the figures from the electricity metre
  • use only biodegradable dishwashing liquid and detergent


  • removal of filter from the coffee machine
  • throw out the garbage bag from the kitchen
  • empty the refrigerator of perishable products, turn it off and leave the door open (unless you are sure that new tenants will arrive immediately upon your departure)
  • the house is cleaned up
  • radiators are set to 5, underfloor heating in the bathroom is turned off
  • turn off the water heater
  • turn of the water on the exterior faucet to avoid frozen water pipes. 
  • note the figures from the electricity metre 
  • doors in the house are opened, exterior doors are locked
  • report to  Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen  or Anne Elisabeth Lunders if something is missing or broken

NB:  When washing the floor 0,25 - 0,50 dl of Skov-Rod-Trævask is added to 10 liters of water, for other cleaning purposes, soap flakes can be used whilst soft soap should be reserved for the oven.


Payment of rent after a stay can be made electronically or in person at a bank or post office to – account number: 1551 420 042 1197. The number of nights stayed and electricity used (in kWh) should be put in the space for the receiver. (NB: Please note the last digits on the electricity meter – not the decimal numbers).