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Presentations at:



  • Conference "Environment, Society, and the Making of the Modern World: The history and legacy of the UN Conference on the Human environment held in Stockholm, June 1972"
    KTH Stockholm, Sweden, 14-16 Dec. 2016
  • IZWT Colloquium Theory of Science and History of Science
    University of Wuppertal, Interdisciplinary Centre for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT), Germany, 9 Nov. 2016
  • 51. Deutscher Historikertag, Panel: "Zukunftswissen und Zukunftsglaube: Zur Geschichte der Prognostik und Zukunftsexpertise seit den 1960er Jahren"
    University of Hamburg, Germany, 20-23 Sept. 2016
  • DGGMNT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Technik) Annual Meeting "Digitalisierung, Big Data und die Aufgabe der Theorie", Panel: "Modellieren, Simulieren, Muster finden: Historische, anthropologische und philosophische Reflexionen"
    University of Lübeck, Germany, 16-18 Sept. 2016
  • ESOF 2016 (EuroScience Open Forum), Panel: "The Legacy of the 1960s 'Environmental Revolution'"
    Manchester, UK, 23-27 July 2016
  • SHOT (Society for the History of Technology) Annual Meeting 2016, Panel: "Re-inventing the Human Scale: Science, Technology and Global Climate Change"
    Singapore, 22-26 June 2016
  • Int. Conference "Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change"
    British Museum, London, UK, 27-29 May 2016
  • IASC Regional European Conference "Commons in a 'Glocal' World: Global Connections and Local Responses"
    University of Bern, Switzerland, 10-13 May 2016
  • Workshop "Modernizing climate in the environmental, atmospheric and geo-sciences: Nordic contributions and the international context"
    KTH Stockholm, Sweden, 14-15 March 2016
  • Workshop "Experiencing the Global Environment"
    Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, 4-6 Feb. 2016
  • Workshop "Climate Change and Uncertainty from Above and Below"
    New Delhi, India, 27- 28 Jan. 2016


  • C3NET - the Climate | Culture | Catastrophe Network, Mini-Symposium "Environmental Humanities"
    Aarhus University, Denmark, 30 Nov. 2015
  • 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) Annual Meeting
    Denver, Colorado, USA, 11–14 Nov. 2015
  • "Mathematization and Computation in Philosophy and History of Science"
    Meeting of the Danish National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Copenhagen, 23 Oct. 2015
  • Tensions of Europe conference 2015 «Technology and Environment»
    Stockholm, Sweden, 3–6 Sept. 2015
  • ICOHTEC (International Committee for the History of Technology) Symposium 2015 "History of High-Technologies and Their Socio-Cultural Contexts"
    Tel Aviv, Israel, 16–21 Aug. 2015
  • IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) General Assembly 2015
    Prague, Czech Republic, 22 June–2 July 2015
  • "Dealing with Climate Change: Calculus & Catastrophe in the Age of Simulation"
    Conference organised by MECS, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany, 25–26 June 2015
  • SPSP (Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice) Fifth Biennial Conference
    Aarhus University, 24–26 June 2015
  • "Assessing the Climate via Models. Prediction, Understanding, and Computer Simulation"
    Workshop at University of Bielefeld, Germany, 8–9 June 2015
  • ASEH (American Society for Environmental History) conference 2015
    Washington, DC, USA, 18–22 March 2015
  • "UK Climatology 1960–1985 and the Emergence of Climate Modelling"
    Inter-disciplinary workshop, King's College London, UK, 8–9 Jan. 2015


  • "Climate in meteorology, meteorology in climate studies"
    Workshop organised by the History of Meteorology Project at the University of Bergen, Norway, 20–21 Nov. 2014
  • "Confidence, Credibility and Authority in Climate Sciences and Politics"
    International conference organised by the Centre Alexandre Koyré Paris, France, 20–21 Nov. 2014
  • "Mistakes, Ignorance, Contingency and Error in Science and Technology"
    International conference organised by the Technische Universität Munich, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, 2–4 Oct. 2014
  • ESHS International Conference
    University of Lisbon, Portugal, 3–7 Sept. 2014
  • "Climate and Culture Workshop"
    Rachel Carson Center Munich, Germany, 2 July 2014
  • Lunchtime Colloquium
    Rachel Carson Center Munich, Germany, 3 July 2014
    Watch podcast here.
  • "Changing Climate Change Communication: A Conference on the Interactions Between Culture, Society and Language in the Context of Global Warming"
    VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands. 21–22 June 2014