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Colloquium: Julia Lajus, European University at St. Petersburg

Soviet studies of warming of the Arctic in 1930s and international circulation of environmental knowledge

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Mandag 30. april 2012,  kl. 14:15 - 15:45


building 1525- room 323

Phenomenon of the “warming of the Arctic” in 1930s is becoming more important to study within the framework of the current global warming debates. It provides a new evidence of climate changes in history and their potential influence on navigation, scientific exploration, fisheries and other economic activities in the Arctic. This paper is based on the analysis of contemporary scientific publications especially in Russia and Scandinavia which described and discussed this phenomenon. Attention is paid to scientific networks and transfer of knowledge in the disciplines of oceanography, meteorology, glaciology and marine biology, including fishery science. It is important to stress that even in politically very difficult years of 1930s, especially for Russia, the flow of thoughts between scientific communities involved in the Arctic studies was not fully blocked. And in spite of the fact that the perception of the warming phenomena was rather controversial and different for scientists working in different disciplines, the environmental problem definitely was understood as being important not only for the region but globally and this notion led the basis for the further development of the studies of climate change after WWII.