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CSS Colloquium: Brandi S. Morris, Aarhus University

Using Science to Improve Science Communication

24.08.2020 | Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Dato ons 02 dec
Tid 14:15 15:45
Sted 1532-122 (Aud. G2)


Given the overwhelming scientific evidence about the risks posed by climate change, aren't we taking more urgent action? How can it be that 1/3 of the American population does not believe in anthropogenic climate change? Why aren’t we more scared? Why is it that we don’t always behave in our own best interest? In this colloquium, I will draw on theory and recent research to illuminate the mechanisms underlying engagement and how understanding these can help make science communicators more effective.

Coffee, tea, cakes and fruit will be served before the colloquium @ 2 pm

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