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CSS kollokvium: Jaqui Goldin, University of the Western Cape

Diamonds on the soles of their feet (enacting participatory democracy through citizen science)

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Torsdag 28. april 2022,  kl. 14:15 - 15:45


Aud. D4 (1531–219)


I will present a current project in the semi-arid region of the Limpopo,  one of the poorest provinces in South Africa, where citizen scientists are monitoring water in their wells in very remote rural settings.  Here we consider citizen science within the frame of feminist philosophy and an ethics of care. We are proud of our excellence in data on groundwater but that is not the only focus – we are also applauding the democratisation of knowledge and the emancipatory potential of citizen science. An ethics of care resonates with two ideals in particular 1) the human right to know and to have access to knowledge that makes a difference to a quality of life and everyday living and then 2) virtue and integrity and the virtuous cycles of trust, hope, inclusion and equality that are possible within a frame of research integrity and ethical practice.  The process is essential for achieving the end product (trust, empowerment etc) and thus we recognise ‘slow’ science and its collaborative possibilities. Alongside these ideas, in this talk I will share a toolbox for participatory methods that promote democracy and the right to know.

Coffee, tea, cakes and fruit will be served before the colloquium at 2 pm.