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Marcus Lee Naldal publishes "Following Feynman’s path"

Metascience, First Online (27 November 2019)

Book review of Jörg Resag: Feynman and his physics: the life and science of an extraordinary man. Dodrecht: Springer, 2019

For the centenary of Richard Feynman (1918–1988), Springer published Feynman und die Physik by Jörg Resag. Fortunately, this well-written book is now available in English, Richard Feynman and His Physics: The Life and Science of an Extraordinary Man (2019). The book has been published as part of the “Springer Biographies” series. However, Resag’s aim is not a comprehensive biography of Feynman (ix). Instead, he uses Feynman’s life as a guiding narrative for the real goal of the book, an enjoyable exposition of developments in twentieth century physics.

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