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New book review (reflection on a classic) by Brad Wray: "A foundational text in scientometrics"

Metascience, EPub Ahead of Print (27 February 2023)


Little Science, Big Science was published in 1963. Including the index, it is only 118 pages long, but its influence has been extensive and wide-ranging, far beyond what one might expect from such a short book. The content of the book originated as the George B. Pegram Lectures, named in honor of George Braxton Pegram. “George Braxton Pegram (1877–1958) … [was] one of the most influential scientists of the nuclear age. He was Professor of Physics, Dean, and Vice President of Columbia University” (Collins et al. 1963, iii). Price’s lectures were given at Brookhaven National Laboratory in June 19–29, 1962. They were published the next year by Columbia University Press.