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New Metascience issue out now

Metascience, vol. 31, issue 1 (2022)

From the editor's introduction by Lori Nash:

Running a book review journal like Metascience can be fun and exciting, but sometimes it is exhausting and discouraging. It is fun and exciting when our colleagues jump at the chance to review a new book in their area of research, read the book in short order, and write a thought-provoking review before their 6-month deadline. It is exhausting and discouraging when a respected colleague writes what we expect to be a really good book, which is published by a prestigious press, and we are unable to find a person working in the area who will agree to write a review for us. What is going on here? We do not know. We could survey our past rejectors, but we have a stack of what we expect are really good books that we need to get reviewed, and so we are going to take a different approach.

Metascience | Volume 31, issue 1