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Samuel Schindler, co-editor (with Lise Marie Andersen, Jonas Fogedgaard Christensen and Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen) of special issue on Causality in the Science of the Brain and Mind

Mind and Machines, vol. 28, issue 2 (June, 2018)

From the introduction

This special issue of Minds and Machines presents new and original work on the issue of causality in the sciences of the mind and brain. The topic of causality in the sciences is a vibrant research topic in philosophy that has received extensive attention, especially in recent years. The philosophical literature on causality in the sciences has seen a burst in productivity, offering innovative and highly nuanced concepts and approaches. The idea for this special issue, as well as many of the papers that we include, have been developed at the Causality in the Sciences Conference: Causality in the Sciences of the Mind and Brain, Aarhus June 2016 (http://conferences.au.dk/causality2016/). A key idea behind this conference, and the Causality in the Sciences (CitS) series, is that causality is best investigated and understood through careful interaction with the sciences in order to develop a descriptively adequate notion of causation (Illari et al. 2011).

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