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Studenterkollokvium: Mariam Tizar

Videnskabsformidling til børn: Laksen Lars og Ålen Åse

25.08.2017 | Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Dato ons 11 okt
Tid 14:15 15:00
Sted G31 (1532-314)

This colloquium reports on a scientific storytelling project at the Danish Fresh Water Aquarium, Zoo and Science Centre AQUA in Silkeborg. The project considers two stories Laksen Lars (Lars the Salmon) and Ålen Åse (Aase the Eel), which are written by Mariam Tizar and illustrations for the project were painted by Emilie Edal. The stories aim to communicate the science of a lifecycle for an eel and a salmon for pre-schooled aged children visiting the Aquarium, Zoo and Science Centre AQUA. How to communicate science for pre-schooled aged children have longed been an interest of Mariam Tizar. There are a lot of science projects aimed for schooled aged children in science centres but a shortage of science projects aimed for the pre-schooled children.

Mariam Tizar seeks to understand how learning is for pre-schooled children in informal environments (Science Centre) and how best to communicate science stories. She then started to write her own science based stories for children to comprehend how they perceive the science in the story. Too fully understand how children learn in informal environments Mariam Tizar investigated different science centres communicate science. At the colloquium Mariam Tizar will report her own stories, her thoughts about creating them and try to compare the science communication she chose for her stories with science decisions of other science centres.

NB The colloquium will be conducted in Danish.