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Webinar: TIME4CS and INCENTIVE projects

What transformations are needed for research institutes to support citizen science?

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Tirsdag 27. juni 2023,  kl. 14:00 - 15:30

The process of integrating citizen and community science within research institutions and universities is full of challenges and opportunities. This webinar, from the European TIME4CS and INCENTIVE projects, explores lessons learned from a range of institutions and their experiences, from our symposium on the topic at the CSA’s C*Sci conference in May 2023, and from webinar participants on the day.

Participants have the opportunity to hear about and discuss potential strategies for embedding citizen science within institutions.

Participants can also share their own experiences and contribute to the creation of a resource to share possible pathways to integrate activities to promote and embed citizen science in research performing organisations (RPOs), hopefully supporting this often difficult process. The final resource will, of course, be openly available on the EU-citizen.science platform, project websites and shared widely.

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The webinar is a combined effort of the TIME4CS and INCENTIVE projects.