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Matthias Heymann publishes "Knowledge Production with Climate Models: On the Power of a “Weak” Type of Knowledge"

In: Weak Knowledge : Forms, Functions, and Dynamics, edited by Moritz Epple, Annette Imhausen, Falk Müller (Campus Verlag, 2020), 321-349

About the book

Many of us view the world of science as a firm bastion of knowledge, with each new discovery and further illumination adding to an unshakable foundation of natural truths. Weak Knowledge aims to rattle our faith, not in core certainties of scientific findings but in their strength as accessible resources. The authors show how, throughout history, many bodies of research have become precarious due to a host of factors. These factors have included cultural or social disinterest, feeble empirical evidence or theoretical justifications, and a lack of practical applications in a given field’s findings. This book brings together cases from a range of historical periods and disciplines, ranging from personal medicine to climatology, to illuminate the specific forms, functions, and dynamics of so-called “weak” bodies of knowledge.

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