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New book review by Kristian H. Nielsen: "Science & theatre: communication, concepts, contexts, and cases"

Journal of Science Communication, vol. 22, issue 1 (2023): R03

Review of Weitkamp, E. and Almeida, C. (2022). Science & Theatre: Communicating Science and Technology with Performing Arts. Bingly, U.K.: Emerald Publishing


With its attention to empirical detail and theoretical analysis, the book is an important contribution to the field of science-and-theatre studies. The reader will not only gain insight into the many ways in which science and theatre have been combined, but also become familiar with best practices and interesting cases. The book depicts science-and-theatre as a diverse and vibrant field. Framed as a study in communicating science and technology with the performing arts, the book will serve as a source of inspiration for science communicators and science communication researchers.