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2021.02.26 | Research

New paper by Samuel Schindler and Pierre Saint-Germier

"Armchair physics and the method of cases" will be published in Inquiry

2021.01.27 | Publication

Line Edslev Andersen publishes "The Social Epistemology of Mathematical Proof"

In: Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, edited by Bharath Sriraman (Springer, 2021).

Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

2021.01.26 | Research

A Sabbatical in Cambridge

K. Brad Wray, Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus University

2021.01.24 | Publication

Kristian H. Nielsen publishes "Atomic urbanism under Greenland’s ice cap: Camp Century and cold war architectural imagination"

In: Cold War Cities: Politics, Culture and Atomic Urbanism, 1945–1965, edited by Martin Dodge, Richard Brook, Jonathan Hogg (Routledge, 2021), pp. 182-199

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