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The PATTERN Consortium (including the Centre for Science Studies) wins €3.5 mill. Horizon Europe grant

Piloting open and responsible Activities and Trainings Towards the Enhancement of Researchers Networks


PATTERN is a 42-months coordination and support action whose aim is to promote the practice of Open and Responsible Research and Innovation by developing and piloting training activities for researchers at all stages of their careers. These trainings will strengthen their transferable skills, with the ultimate goal to empower higher education institutions and research organizations to embrace a transformative process to improve the excellence of the science conducted, the capacity within the European Research Area to tackle societal challenges and the interaction between science and society. PATTERN work plan consists of specific and interlinked activities, each of them implemented in the framework of a consistent methodology, based on 4 subsequent Running Phases and one horizontal Holding Phase: state of the art: consolidation of knowledge (RP1); developing PATTERN training activities and platform (RP2); testing PATTERN training modules (RP3); evidence for policy development (RP4); co-creation and co-design (HP). i) a mapping and analysis activity will take care of highlight the state of the art of learning opportunities for researchers on Open and Responsible Research and Innovation, identifying the potential for new training activities for researchers at all stages of their careers (WP1); ii) based on the mapping, training materials with be produced, along with a training and discovery platform that will enable learners to easily access and make use of those materials in the long-term (WP2); iii) the new training modules will be then piloted and evaluated to further refine them (WP3); iv) policy recommendations for researchers’ training on Open and Responsible and Innovation practices will be designed, building on the results of undergone activities (WP4); v) dissemination, communication and engagement activities (WP5) will then assure widespread outreach of the projects’ results and outcomes and to reach its impacts.