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Colloquium: Luis Rey

Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life

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Monday 14 May 2012,  at 14:15 - 15:45

?This talk starts with a historical account on how dinosaurs have been viewed for 150 years, and follows my role in the evolution of the dinosaur image in the latest 25 years. I explain everything about the why, where and who (including personal risks and struggles with the scientific establishment!).

 Of course, it also focuses on the drastic change of image of dinosaurs now that we have the feathered evidence we needed.

 I think it is more than anything else a focused account on how art and science can combine harmoniously. It's all about image: illustration and design at the service of science.

 Luis Rey, a Spanish-Mexican artist, illustrator, researcher, sculptor, anatomist, model designer and amateur palaeontologist residing in London, holds a MA in Visual Arts from San Carlos Academy (UNAM), Mexico (generation 73-77). He is a member of the SVP (Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology) and of The Dinosaur Society (U.K.), and has published many books and collaborated with palaeontologists like Thom Holtz, David Martill, Ken Carpenter and Robert Bakker.