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Matthias Heymann organizes session: "Constructions of remote resource spaces: Africa, the Arctic and the quest for resource security in Europe"

10th Biennial conference of the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH), Tallinn, Estonia, 21-25 August 2019

Session program

  • "From euphoria to zero tolerance: The history of the Kvanefjeld uranium deposit in Greenland" by Henrik Knudsen, Danish National Archive
  • "Gold fever in Greenland: Sociotechnical imaginaries of gold resources, 1988–2013" by Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Aarhus University
  • "France’s neo-colonial resource entanglements in Africa: Perspectives on uranium extraction in Mali and Niger" by Nkemjika Chimee Ihediwa, University of Nigeria
  • "SYSMIN interventions in Southern Africa: Developing minerals and maintaining mines as development aid" by Bjørn Bakke, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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