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Matthias Heymann receives DFF grant for research network

Challenging Europe: Technology, Environment and the Quest for Resource Security (EurReS)

The EurReS Network consists of international researchers from 10 countries. It is part of the Tensions of Europe Research Group on Environment, Technology and Resources (see https://www.tensionsofeurope.eu/technology-environment-and-resources/). It is open to all interested researchers. Workshops and conferences are planned in Aarhus, Paris, Lisbon and St. Petersburg. 

Scope and relevance

It aims to develop an innovative, transnational research framework for the his­to­rical investigation of natural resource challenges in Europe. It will focus on resource perceptions and imaginaries, resource geographies and global resource cycles, resource technologies and poli­cies and the environmental, social and political impacts of resource extraction and use in a transna­tional perspective. It brings together historians from different historical disciplines and specialties from more than 10 European countries. The research network wishes to respond to contemporary resource challenges and has the major goal to deepen the understanding of the historical roots of resource perceptions, policies and practices in Europe. Specific goals are the development of col­laborative research proposals and scholarly publications.