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Matthias Heymann (with Per Högselius, Elena Kochetkova, John Martin, Ole Sparenberg, Frank Veraart, & Anna Åberg) publishes "Challenging Europe: Technology, Environment, and the Quest for Resource Security"

Technology and Culture, vol. 61 no. 1, 2020, p. 282-294


Since the nineteenth century, access to and the development of natural resources became an important element of national and international politics. Resource security emerged as an issue vital to national security; and resource competition and crises gave rise to international tensions as well as to technological innovation and new modes of transnational cooperation. This paper discusses ongoing collaborative research activities in the Tensions of Europe network. Three broader themes are presented: (1) perceptions and constructions of resources, resource crises, and resource futures; (2) globalized resource chains and environmental transformation; and (3) managing crises: technologies, expertise, and the politics of natural resources.

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