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New Scientist article about Sujeevan Sivasundaram's Master Thesis at CSS

"Physicists can’t agree on what the quantum world looks like"

"IF YOU find the quantum world confusing you’re not alone. A recent survey shows that physicists disagree over the picture of reality that quantum mechanics describes – and that many of them don’t even care.

There was no consensus among the 149 survey participants. While 39 per cent supported the so-called Copenhagen interpretation, the conventional picture of quantum mechanics, 25 per cent supported alternatives and 36 per cent had no preference at all. In addition, many weren’t sure they understood what certain interpretations described.

“I don’t think the debate will resolve soon,” says Sujeevan Sivasundaram, a recent graduate of Aarhus University in Denmark who conducted the survey. “I could see us still discussing this 100 years from now.”"

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