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Xiaomin Zhu (former visiting professor at CSS) publishes "The three stages of my walking: from competition to self-content"

In: Review of China's Natural History, 4th volume (Beijing: Shangwu Publishing House, 2019), pp. 26-48


Based on the author’s hundreds of times of participation and organization of walking/hiking in China and abroad, this paper systematically talks about the author’s three stages of walking: from competition, adjustment to self-content, which explores the development of walking as part of daily life, generally not challenging the body limit, and not following the professionalism trend of western sports. Instead of blindly chasing after the professionalism of western sports, the author’s idea of walking hopes to provide a different thinking way and practical direction for general people’s health exercising as this paper tries to incorporate and reflect on basic principles of Chinese traditional culture (such as Taijiquan, Qigong, etc.) and western sports ideology.

Key words: walking; limit; competition; walking as part of daily life; self-content

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